A Thesis Subsidiary of David Bellona
  • The Coal Button


A mobile application that tracks and
offsets your digital carbon footprint.

Canary landscape view

Connect, Track & Compare

Canary proposes that our online services must be transparent in reporting CO2 emissions. Once launched, you may connect up to four of your social networks - Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Foursqaure. Once connected, you can track your digital content production and related carbon footprint by week, month, or year.

You also can compare yourself with your friends. Canary uses a behavioral concept known as normative comparison. It states that above all other factors, we compare our status with others similar to us and want to normalize our behavior based on our observation.


A target is a measure of weekly content production. Canary sets your default target based on similar user behavior. You can choose to increase or decrease this measure to what is comfortable to you.

Once you've set your target, you can share it with your connected service, letting them know you are aware of their dirty habits and demand they clean up their act.

Always on your shoulder

Canary talks to you through your connected services by way of comments, tweets, and wall posts. If you're well below, fast approaching, or well above your target, Canary will let you know.

OFFSET YOUR carbon footprint

With Canary, you can you see how much CO2 you've produced with a connected service. You can choose to offset your digital carbon footprint with automatic monthly payments, voluntarily, or not at all.

Your offset payments will help fund one of three certified offset programs that are local to your region. Once you've paid, you can let others know of your efforts.